So-So Sewing

Being an interiors stylist means you have to L-O-V-E fabrics, the look and feel of them. A lot of stylists have a textiles background, and of course with all those shoots you end up with all sorts of gorgeous left-over bits. I hate to say that I have boxes of fabrics up in the loft 'just in case' they may come in handy. I saw some great placemats with pockets for cutlery at a show recently, so I thought, ooo! I could make some of those! I had a free weekend so I decided to make some for the outside table ready for the Summer. I had a bench cushion in this green stripe which I think is Sanderson and was used in a shoot for Period Living at a lovely house in Deal, Kent a few years ago, so th

Welcome To Paradise

Sometimes all the stars seem to be aligned and something wonderful happens. After a hideous 12 months of deaths, illness, care homes, (not me thankfully) I was offered a press trip to report on THE MALDIVES!!! I haven’t done a lot of long distance travel, and this isn’t somewhere I would ordinarily be able to afford to visit but, it was AMAZING……... White sand beaches, the clearest blue seas imaginable and blue, blue skies. We landed on the main island, Male, waited in an air- conditioned lounge before boarding our sea-plane, yes sea-plane! It was a bit rickety but what a way to get to our destination island of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, even though the pilot had flip-flops on! The flight was fa

New Launches - French Style

I went to 2 great launches this week, really inspiring and DIFFERENT. One was Caravane, an eclectic range of homewares curated by the owner, French woman Veronique Piedeleu. Caravane are all over France but this is the only shop in the UK so far and has been there for 3 years, in that funky area just off Marylebone High Street that seems to be attracting lots of interiors shops. Everything in the store is ethically produced and Veronique specializes in tactile fabrics in rich colours and with vibrant patterns. The bedlinen and candles are wrapped in linen, using the Japanese ‘furoshiki’ method, and would make a great gift – already wrapped! The other thing I loved were the sofa covers – padd

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