Wonder Walls

Murals or sometimes ‘Muriels’ (my Mum had a friend called Muriel, she lived in Stafford). Anyway, murals are big news at the moment, not just any old wallpaper, but something that is used across a big expanse of wall to make a statement. It could be a cityscape, a forest scene, a never-ending road, seascape or night sky, pretty much anything in fact. They work really well in kids and teenagers rooms, you can even create your own with a favourite photo, but I have picked a few different styles for grown ups. Enjoy. Geometrics show no sign of going away and why would they when they create such energy Couture Geo Wood Neons Mural, £150 a roll, grahambrown.com Make a statement with a single b

Spring Flowers

"The fairest flowers o' the season are our carnations and streak'd gillyvors, which some call nature's bastards." William Shakespeare Not sure why he said that but thought I would start off with a bit of culture! I went to a fantastic flower extravaganza a few weeks ago. www.funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk an initiative with The Flower Council of Holland. There was flower arranging, drinks with flowers in them and cakes with flowers on them, very versatile are flowers. And what's not to like? Everyone loves flowers, in the garden, an arrangement given as a gift or just the simple pleasure of buying them for yourself. Spring flowers are often seen as the best, probably because we have had a lon

Double Duty Furniture

Apparently we are all living in smaller and smaller spaces, so furniture that does 2 jobs at once would be a good idea right? Here's my pick of some clever pieces I've found recently: So your friend is coming to stay but you live in a one bedroom flat, or the kids have come back home (again) and all the bedrooms are full, what do you do? How about a bed that looks like a stool? Now I know what you are thinking, oh yes I remember those - thin, uncomfortable mattresses so you can feel the springs = no sleep. But, not any more, this lovely upholstered stool would look great in most homes right? and it folds out into an extra large very comfortable bed with a proper sized mattress. Pewsey Extr

April Favourites

I am in love with these trousers! The fashion assistant at Woman & home had a pair like this but with a red stripe which were fantastic, so of course I asked her where she got them from - Very! They didn't have the red stripe ones but these were maybe better as they will go with more things. I worry slightly about wide trousers as I am so short - 5' 2" - but they are SO comfortable and everyone says they look fab! More trainers! So, when you spend your whole life rushing around, walking a lot - to the station, around London to meetings etc. oh, and when you have bunions (old lady) you can't wear heels, well only when you want to dress up, what do you wear? Trainers of course! I love thes

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