My Ever Changing Garden

My garden has changed a lot through the years but then I guess that is what happens when you live somewhere for 20 years. When we first moved in it was 150ft long with clumpy meadow grass and fields and allotments beyond. Then when it became too hard to manage on my own, and I needed some money, I agreed to sell off a huge chunk of it to a developer and I ended up with some money in my pocket, a smaller garden a house looking into mine. No more naked hair-drying sessions then, although Mr Comb-over did catch me once, but that's another story. This is what I ended up with, although this was in fact the 2nd version of the new garden. My boyfriend of the time put the pond in, which I never actu

What To Wear on holiday in Rajhastan

Now, I'm not an idiot, I've never been to India before, so I did ask people what to take to wear including friends who had lived there, but it wasn't a massive help to be honest, apart from one friend saying take a cotton skirt in case you are taken short and ...... well you know what I mean. And of course, where were those 2 cotton skirts that have been in the wardrobe for centuries? Oh! I threw them out last year.......typical It's incredibly hot in Rajhastan in May, a bit like here at the moment actually! And I have always been the belt and braces type (you never know), BUT having travelled a bit, I have honed it down over the years, so I was determined not to overpack, as everyone said I

Amazing India

So I might have said that the Maldives last year was my dream holiday, and I may have said I had always wanted to go to Copenhagen, BUT India has also always been on my list! After all, a girl has to have dreams doesn't she? After all those years of single handed child-rearing, trying to keep my career afloat and dealing with all the c**p that life throws at us, I thought it was about time I indulged myself, so this year was the year I finally went, and oh it didn't disappoint. You see these bright orange marigolds all over India, ladies take them as an offering to the temples and after a long flight, seeing them in the hotel lobby was a real joy. Like everyone else we flew into Delhi and

It's World Gin Day tomorrow!

not that I need an excuse ............... 10th June is World Gin Day – yay! My tipple of choice, which is soooo popular at the moment, there are gins being produced all over the place and I think I have tried most of them! Made from juniper berries and other botanicals, gin was brought over from Holland when William of Orange occupied the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland during 'The Glorious Revolution' - sounds like fun doesn't it? Good name for a band. To begin with, it was sold in pharmacies and was thought to be medicinal. It became popular with the poor, especially in crude forms, where turpentine was substituted for juniper! as it had the same woody flavour, and because it wa

May Favourites

Here's my round up for May of things I have bought, enjoyed and want to share Banished to a desert island, what make up item couldn't you do without? I would really struggle, as I don't feel dressed without lipstick but as I have virtually no eyelashes, mascara is a must too. Oh and my eyebrows aren't great either ..........this list could go on forever! So, I am going to pick one. Now this brand was new to me, and I couldn't really see why a yellow lipstick would be a good thing, but I loved the retro packaging and once I tried it, I loved it. It works with your own pH and natural colouring so no two lips look the same. The yellow turns to a rosy, shiny pink on your lips, it feels really m

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