Quick and Easy Bed Valance

I have had my bed base for years. Instead of buying a new bed, I just buy a new mattress and change the cover on the bed base to match the new room scheme. Simple! and cheap....... So this is the last cover in Sanderson's Blossom Tree fabric which I also used on a feature wall and on the blinds in the room, in fact, this was a remnant from the blind fabric. Remember if you are using a patterned fabric, make sure you match up the pattern on your fabric strip. stylelibrary.com So once you have chosen your fabric for the new valance, you need 3 or 4 long strips, so measure from the top to bottom of the bed base and add on some for tucking under or for a hem, I usually add on 5cm top and bottom

Everyone Loves The Coastal Look

Apparently it's everyone's dream to live by the sea, and it's not surprising is it really? The coast reminds us of holidays, being carefree, big skies, sandy beaches, childhood memories. And for a decorating style, its a simple one, 2 main colours, comfy furniture and beach finds. Here's some looks to drool over - and dream.............. To get a coastal look lanterns are a must, these ones attached to a to-die-for verandah are so cute and their big brother is sitting on the deck. I love the driftwood feel to this furniture and the runner is stunning, I wouldn't mind a t-shirt like that, or a dress...... johnlewis.com The coastal look isn't not just for outdoors, its easy to achieve indoor

How Are Diptyque Candles Made?

I was lucky enough to go on a quick trip to France recently, to visit the factory to see how the large, luxury, ceramic Diptyque candle holders are made, and have a go at personalising one too, but on the way we stopped off at a couple of other lovely spots for wine tasting and some amazing food, well it is France after all! Here's a glimpse of what I got up to. First stop was Chateau de Haut-Serre in Cieurac owned by renowned wine maker, Georges Vigouroux, to taste some wine and have lunch, naturally I asked why the barrels had a red band around them, and was told that when they test the wine, it dribbles onto the wood, so they take some more and paint it all the way around! Great idea huh

June Favourites

Who hasn't been watching The Handmaid's Tale? Wow, its gripping isn't it? and scarily a bit like life in other parts of the world. I don't normally like things like this as its not 'real' but you can imagine it happening, really well produced. And its obviously causing comment in all the media, its a story for our times. Can't wait to see what happens next So this is my new favourite scent. I was luckily enough to go to the factory where they make the Diptyque candle containers recently - more of that in another post - and was given this, its such a fresh, summery fragrance, and the best thing? It lasts all day! I love it. So Summer clothes, never an easy one, especially when you are get

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