Bedroom Beauties Our bedrooms have become our sanctuary, our place to escape from the world. Thinkin

Wall murals are big news at the moment and so is this colour. I love the look of this room, it feels like you are hidden in a forest. Dreamy. A simple headboard doesn't detract from the walls Go for a classical look with a winged and buttoned headboard on an upholstered bed. In a lovely soft taupe shade that will go with everything, but using lettuce green as a hit of colour. Old master and statue optional Victorian metal frame beds are making a comeback and this one is a lovely dull dull brass colour. There is a bit of a chinoiserie feel to the walls and bedside cabinet. Dark blue and saffron make a great combo, with retro, round pleated cushions to mix it

Think Pink!

“Pale pink salmon is the only colour I cannot abide––although, naturally, I adore pink. I love the pale Persion pinks of the little carnations of Provence and Schiaparelli’s pink, the pink of the Incas…And though it’s so vieux jeu I can hardly bear to repeat it––pink is the navy blue of India.” so said celebrated Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Fashion Editor, Diana Vreeland. I am not sure what Persion is but anyway thought you might enjoy a quote! Pink is enjoying a moment in interiors and is such a great colour to use, from vibrant fuchsia to palest powder pink, it goes with everything. Here's a few examples I've found of some lovely things. Aren't these fab? The quilted design on the plastic

Paint Matters

Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room, and it's relatively cheap to do, and of course you can do it yourself if you have the confidence. There are some fantastic colours around, or you can mix your own. Here's my pick of fantastic combinations, some of them not for the faint-hearted! What a great mood shot and some great colours Zoffany at This stunning landing has so many clashing colours but somehow they work. Wall: Cape Red 279 Lower Wall: Mid Azure Green 96, Woodwork: Scree 227, Far Door: Trumpet 196 all I'm a big fan of a painted staircase, my stairs are painted, and I think the black door and frame leading out to the black p

July Favourites

So here's my pick of things I have found and loved this month I’ve got a really small head so not all sunglasses suit me, so when I find a shape that works, I stick with it. I have always wanted a clear framed pair – to make me look intelligent and a bit alternative, well, maybe not, but I love these ones from that's Udaipur in the background When Ieft Woman & Home mag they bought me a fab Monica Vinader ring, but I couldn't decide which colour, so when I had some money for my birthday, I decided to buy the other one! After all what's the point of a stacking ring, if you've only got one! I’ve long been a fan of Neom, and this diffuser is perfect for Summ

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