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The weather is miserable and the nights are getting darker, so indulge yourself by looking at some gorgeous home looks with that touch of glamour and luxury - and forget about what is going on outside This range of fabrics and wallpapers is called Lusso. Luxurious satin, chenille and linen fabrics with intricate sequin detailing and metallic flashes combine for a subtle look. The silver coloured horn chandelier makes a change from the more usual brown ones and the accessories are on point Natural materials are so on trend at the moment, and this big slab of marble is such a rich colour. Everything in this shot looks spot on, from the fabulous wallpaper - Petite Tile from

My Top 10 from The Interior Design Shows

Ok, 12, but it was really hard to choose! All the interior design shows happen at the same time at this time of year so its hard getting around them all, but manfully I sacrificed myself to see what's coming up. Here's my choice of the things that stood out for me If you are of a certain vintage you will remember that loads of people in the 60's, well parents, had the picture of the Chinese lady with the green face by Tretchikoff on their walls. Apparently he did lots of others too and now Robin Sprong has the back catalogue so you can have a fantastic mural like this! I'm very Off to Marrakesh for this Moroccan inspired wallpaper, its so colourful and evocati

Storage Solutions

In magazine land, Autumn is the time when everyone thinks about storage. Maybe it's that back-to-school vibe about being organised or maybe it's because, as we will be spending more time indoors, we suddenly notice how messy everything is! or God forbid, we want to get sorted before Christmas! Here are a few inspirational storage pieces along with some personal solutions (or not) from my home ........... Open wall shelving is one of the best solutions in a sitting room. You have long walls to take large pieces and you can fit oodles of stuff on it, great for books and displaying favourite objects. Does get dusty though. Check out the 60's style sofa I love this little piece, it

Home Work

More and more of us are working from home, at least some of the time, and its set to grow with better internet access. And even if you don't, isn't it nice to have a dedicated area for all your home admin? So I've picked out some rather gorgeous home offices to drool over, see below. Does mine look like this? Err no. But it might one day.......... I love this look, ok it's not that realistic, but it's sooooo stylish. Use an old wooden table as a desk and have vintage-style metal mesh shelves on the walls with colour-coded books. I'm a sucker for an old typewriter, but just use it for display and keep your computer out of sight. After all, you don't want to spoil the look do you? A dedicated

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