Whenever I write that word, it makes me think of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. 'Who?' I hear you say, well in 1968 he brought out a song called Fire and used to stand on stage with a fire burning on top of his head. Honestly kids you don't know what you are missing. Check it out on youtube if you don't believe me. Anyway, it's now cold enough to put the fire on - hurrah! Not the cold, but I do love a fire - who doesn't? An open fire or a wood burner has to be one of life's simple pleasures. Throw in a glass or two of red and what else to you need? And if the ban in London does come into effect for woodburners, there are some amazingly stylish bio-fuel fires that are wonderful in a dif

Christmas is Coming!

In the wonderful world of magazines, we start looking at the Christmas offering that is going to be in the stores in July. It seems weird but you get used to it, and it doesn't take anything away from the real deal when it comes around. Its a great thing to do, you see some great gifts, think oooh I must remember that! and then forget..Anyway, this week, here are a few pictures of things that I saw that are hopefully in store now. So stylish, silver and grey always looks great together, but that pop of plum brings it right up to date The White Company always have an inspirational show and this was lovely, and yes of course I will be making one of those lampshades ready for Christ

Art Around My Home

I don't have a lot of art but I do have favourite things I have collected over the years that mean something to me, and that's what its all about isn't it? This is my latest piece, a US flag I bought years ago, who knows where. I finally took it in to be framed and the framers dated it for me to WW2, it's from the back of a boat and the reason he knew it was from WW2 was because it only 48 stars and now there are 50. This was my first piece, bought for me by a boyfriend when I was in my early twenties, by an artist who was one of his lecturers at Coventry university. His name - the artist not the boyfriend - was Alan Dyer and he is still painting. I wonder if he still lives in that flat? I

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