Flower Show

Florals are everywhere this season, all over fashion and in interiors too, but they don't have to be the blowsy, old fashioned designs, abstract florals look great too, its just a different vibe. Like this one above, in one of my favourite colour combinations, pink and red, big flower heads that really make an impact. A bit like Marimekko. From the Papavera collection from Sanderson This one is gorgeous too, loose, watery florals on a mural wallpaper from queen of florals Bluebell Gray, this is a mural wallpaper and comes in panels, so you could choose how it looks in your home to make it really individual. This all-over floral looks really retro, a bit like a child's bedroom from half a cen

Gorgeous Garden Furniture

So this week I am posting pics of gorgeous garden furniture that you dream of having, not the stuff you probably have - like me. They look a bit like travel pics actually, but who cares? Its all about inspiration, and some of it is affordable, and current. Check it out. Now this is what I yearn for.....the view, comfy furniture, that floor and the weather obvs. Bonan lounge sofa, £3600 and chair, £1800, table, £1250 Skaargarden Such a stylish shot, imagine yourself in the South of France outside your villa waiting for friends to arrive for a simple, yet awe-inspiring lunch. All weather rattan with wooden legs. With a backdrop of ancient olive trees. Point Arc Garden Table, £1690, chairs £5

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