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New Launches - French Style

I went to 2 great launches this week, really inspiring and DIFFERENT. One was

Caravane, an eclectic range of homewares curated by the owner, French woman

Veronique Piedeleu. Caravane are all over France but this is the only shop in the

UK so far and has been there for 3 years, in that funky area just off Marylebone

High Street that seems to be attracting lots of interiors shops.

Everything in the store is ethically produced and Veronique specializes in tactile fabrics in rich

colours and with vibrant patterns. The bedlinen and candles are wrapped in

linen, using the Japanese ‘furoshiki’ method, and would make a great gift –

already wrapped!

The other thing I loved were the sofa covers – padded, fabric,

thin mattresses for want of a better word that add colour and pattern to your

sofa or bed, they are perfect if your sofa is looking the worse for wear, just cover

it up, extra comfortable too.

Caravane, 38-40 New Cavendish St. London. W1G 8UD


The other one is Maison du Monde, based in Nantes which has been going for 20

years but is just about to launch – online only – this week in the UK. All designed

by their in-house stylists, from a beautiful chateau no less, there are 16000

exclusive products, taking their inspiration from around the globe and all at

reasonable prices.

Stand out pieces for me were an amazing gold cushion with

sort of fish scales, you can draw designs on it with your hand and it turns black,

black and rust wire pendant shades shaped like upturned bowls, a vintage-style

metal trolley, faux fur chairs and stools and fabulous geo china

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