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March Favourites

Alison's Favourites

Working on Woman & home was great for picking up the latest fashion trends, not only from the mag and the spin-off W&H Fashion mag but also from the girls on the fashion team. I was forever going over to them to say 'do you think I can get away with this?' - they always said yes, because they are kind, anyway I said 'who does the best floral trainers and they both said without a beat - M&S! And at £29.50 these are a great price.

I love a bit of denim, jeans are always a must-have purchase, so if there is a new style around, I really have to have them....I think the floral embroidered ones are a bit young for me, but I like these ones with the blue stripe down the side and the shadow pockets. Love the patchwork ones too, so I'm in heaven at the moment.

I am missing my Scandi-Noir at the moment, so I am hooked on the 2nd series of Broadchurch. LOVE Olivia Colman and David Tennant, and the other actors are really strong too. It's also nice to see a lovely seaside location when Summer is still a long way off. The other one in a great series is Line of Duty, they really are superb with intricate plots and clever twists.

For Mother's Day, daughter no. 1 bought me this Elder-flower Gin (she knows me well) I have always loved gin, so I am pleased there are so many new gins to try. Gotta love Fever Tree tonic too, especially the Mediterranean version. With Summer on the way, I can just see myself sipping this elder-flower-infused version in the garden, might have to plant some mint!

We all know that as we get older, we have to take more care of our skin. My skin isn't bad but I have all the usual problems of someone my age. I love a robust facial scrub, it makes me feel like I am really doing some good, but didn't realise that some of them use plastic pellets to create the scrub effect and these end up in the sea, then in the fish, then when we eat the fish, back in us! So, when I heard about Doctors Scrub Advance from Goldfaden MD I was intrigued. It uses ruby crystal powder as the exfoliating ingredient along with seaweed extract, so no nasty plastics, and it makes me feel great. It is quite pricey but you only need a tiny amount, so it lasts for ages. I then discovered they also have a dark spot corrector - Solution Light Treatment which really works!


Sydney's Favourites


Season 2 appeared on UK Netflix this month! It's such easy and feel-good watching with enough drama to keep it interesting. I really loved season 1 so was really happy when that little notification popped up on my phone. It's basically about three generations (that later becomes 4) of Latina women - the Villanueva women while living in Miami and all the things that goes on in their lives. I'm yet to find someone who likes it but I'm definitely loving it this month! i just need to learn to pace myself so I don't end binge watching it all at once.

As everyone who has ever met me will tell you, I am make-up obsessed. A true obsession that results in me spending the majority of my time and money on products I fall in love with, convince myself I have to have them, I never end up finishing them because I've got too many and then can't bring myself to throw away. I promise you, I never used to be like this, I actually didn't bother wearing make-up until I turned 21, so I guess you could say I'm making up for a few lost years. Anyway, this month I am completely crushing on the Zoeva Winter Strobe Spectrum Palette. Oh my highlight - it is gorgeous and I love it, the coverage is full and really pigmented so you can tell the second you have it on. Personally I think it's worth £20 however if you aren't mental and don't think spending that amount of money on a highlighting palette is sane then Sleek do a brilliant one for half the price.

Gluten free beer! I have been coeliac since October 2015 and there are lots of things I really miss, and beer is one of them! especially in the summer. So with the return of the warmer weather (thank God!) these have started making their way into my food shop. Though not the cheapest of drink choices they are a nice treat to have while sitting in the garden and it doesn't taste a million miles away from the real deal.

So I got this little Acqua Di Parma Peonia Nobile Eau de Parfum for my birthday right at the end of February from my mum and I love it. I've always wanted a little something from Acqua Di Parma so when I received the perfume and the body lotion as a gift, it was safe to say I was pretty happy. I've swapped out my more wintery smelling Chanel for this little baby while I pray for the arrival of summer.

Another TV show on my list this month, since the boyfriend went off travelling I have replaced him with TV. Probably the funniest thing I have ever seen - I'm not usually one for reality/game shows but this one cracks me up like no other. They're in teams of two and one of them is in a mascot outfit with no eye holes so has to rely on their partner to guide them through a series of tasks. It's hilarious, 10/10 would recommend if you want a good laugh. Available on Sky NOW tv.

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