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Easy Easter Decorating - Happy Easter Everyone!

After Christmas, Easter is the next big celebration, and with so many gorgeous things to buy now, there is no excuse not to create some pretty Easter looks around your home. If you can get real blossom there is nothing better, but fake flowers have become so good now, you would be hard pushed to tell the difference. Hang pastel painted eggs and clip on birds to branches and put in a heavy bottomed vase to stop it toppling over.

Fake blossom, striped and gingham eggs, Gisela Graham, Clip on birds, Pipii

Make breakfast special with a pretty tablecloth to start with. Place a wreath on the table and put your plate on top - instant table setting! Then add a lovely egg cup with bunny lid, bunny toast rack and salt and pepper pots. Kids and adults will love it!

Egg cup and bunny salt and pepper set, Gisela Graham, Daisy wreath, The Contemporary Home, rabbit toast rack, George at Asda. Bubble Stripe fabric from Jane Churchill

Start with a bunny design tablecloth, this fabric is Racing Hares from Voyage then create a floral centrepiece with simple jam jars, tie pretty ribbon around, and place small Spring flowers in each one.

Ribbons from a selection at Berisfords and Jane Means

Love this bunny napkin! Look up how to fold it on youtube, tie a ribbon around it and put it on a floral plate then add a fun egg cup with chicken feet from Not Just Jugs

Give little presents to guests at Easter wrapped in pretty floral paper and tied with contrasting ribbons. Place on a cake stand - I adore milk glass and haven't seen pink before, and finish off with blossom sprigs from Gisela Graham and chocolate praline quails eggs from Rococo

Another easy centrepiece idea - using a pretty plate or cake stand, put shredded paper or wood in the middle, place your eggs in the middle - these are duck eggs which have a gorgeous pink tinge, and blue eggs which you can buy in any large supermarket. Then simply place narcissi and daisy springs around the edge.

Flutterby fabric from Jane Churchill

Spring flowers smell so gorgeous and aren't around for long, so make the most of them. Place a hand-tied sprig at each place setting. I've used hyacinth, narcissi, muscari, hellebore and wax flowers

For a quick place setting, place shredded wood or raffia in a colourful bowl, put a couple of chocolate eggs in it and place a little bird nestled in with them.

Gingham bird, Gisela Graham

All images were researched, styled and photographed while I was Homes Editor at Woman & Home magazine.

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