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Wonder Walls

Murals or sometimes ‘Muriels’ (my Mum had a friend called Muriel, she lived in Stafford). Anyway, murals are big news at the moment, not just any old wallpaper, but something that is used across a big expanse of wall to make a statement. It could be a cityscape, a forest scene, a never-ending road, seascape or night sky, pretty much anything in fact. They work really well in kids and teenagers rooms, you can even create your own with a favourite photo, but I have picked a few different styles for grown ups. Enjoy.

Geometrics show no sign of going away and why would they when they create such energy

Couture Geo Wood Neons Mural, £150 a roll,

Make a statement with a single bold image against a black background

Boule de Neige £30 sq.m.,

Like an old master painting this is perfect in a period home but would also look great in a contemporary setting, old blended with new

Summer Mural by Mary Moser RA from the Royal Academy of Arts Collection from £65 sq.m. surface

So love this design - organic, interesting and beautiful to look at. It reminds me of ink on blotting paper or a water stain.

Watercolour Tiles, printed to order £ on application,

Reminiscent of Rorschach psychological test pictures, I could look at this design for hours. Maybe that is the idea! The pop of emerald on the chair works really well too.

Envision wallpaper, £89 a metre, Chair covered in Veda £76 a m, Cushion in Shale £82 a m

I never get tired of ombre, fade out, colour blending, call it what you will. And always love Clarissa Hulse's designs taken from nature. Truly inspiring.

Hortelano wallpaper panel £185 Clarissa Hulse for

This design and colour way is timeless, I can just see it in a London town house

Thames Border - Latitude, £121 a roll, Elephant Stripe £55 a roll, Paint - Slaked Lime 105 Intelligent Eggshell £29 a litre, chocolate 124 Absolute Matt Emulsion £42 for 2.5 litres

Dress your walls with a fantastical country scene, it will be a real talking point.

Verdure £112 a roll,

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