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Spring Flowers

"The fairest flowers o' the season are our carnations and streak'd gillyvors, which some call nature's bastards." William Shakespeare

Not sure why he said that but thought I would start off with a bit of culture! I went to a fantastic flower extravaganza a few weeks ago. an initiative with The Flower Council of Holland. There was flower arranging, drinks with flowers in them and cakes with flowers on them, very versatile are flowers. And what's not to like? Everyone loves flowers, in the garden, an arrangement given as a gift or just the simple pleasure of buying them for yourself. Spring flowers are often seen as the best, probably because we have had a long winter and they herald the start of Spring, even if it has been freezing this year!

Here I am wrapping my lovely flowers, aren't they gorgeous?

Keep turning the stems.........

Such a pretty arrangement on a windowsill in different glass bottles and vases, simple containers are often the best as they don't detract from the colour and beauty of the flowers.

Doesn't this look lovely?

A flower mat, not sure it will catch on, but looks fantastic here. Loving the Strawberry Thief wallpaper from Willam Morris in the background too.

This is such a simple idea but it has real impact. Just string up single blooms with fishing line and hang from a ceiling or from a wooden beam. They won't last long, but keep them alive with a spritz from a water spray. It would be perfect for a wedding.

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