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May Favourites

Here's my round up for May of things I have bought, enjoyed and want to share

Banished to a desert island, what make up item couldn't you do without? I would really struggle, as I don't feel dressed without lipstick but as I have virtually no eyelashes, mascara is a must too. Oh and my eyebrows aren't great either ..........this list could go on forever! So, I am going to pick one. Now this brand was new to me, and I couldn't really see why a yellow lipstick would be a good thing, but I loved the retro packaging and once I tried it, I loved it. It works with your own pH and natural colouring so no two lips look the same. The yellow turns to a rosy, shiny pink on your lips, it feels really moisturising, flattering and unique! Great for holidays.

Morning Sunshine lipstick, around £18

I bought a pair of black fake leather cropped trousers with a frill leg from Zara in the winter and loved them, everyone commented on them. They were just a little bit different and I felt good in them, so I had to have a pair for Summer too - right? So when I saw these, rocking 2 trends at once - gingham and frills, they were a winner! Admittedly I did have to turn them up (I have to turn all trousers up being little) but they are a great summer staple.

Gingham trousers,

I live in Surrey, not the nice, leafy, posh bit, the cheap bit, suburbia really. Its only 20 or so miles outside London and you would think it would be bursting with good restaurants wouldn't you? There is plenty of money sloshing around and people have got used to good food. But no, you really have to do your homework to find somewhere good. So it was fantastic when London House opened in the commuter town of West Byfleet. Its nearby and they are aiming for a Michelin star. The food is AMAZING. This hake was fabulous, complex flavours and beautifully presented. Its not cheap but then you wouldn't expect it to be would you?

As a lady of (ahem) a certain age, my make up needs to work a lot harder than it used to. All sorts of things don't work any more, so after reading some beauty awards in a magazine, I thought I would try this. If your lipstick 'bleeds' this is the solution! As it says its an invisible lip liner, so use around your lip line, then fill in with your favourite lipstick. Its great! and doesn't cost a fortune.

Invisible lip liner, £5.90

Sliders are big news this year, especially fluffy ones. I drew the line at those as they reminded me of those ladies accused of going into Tesco in their pyjamas, or they reminded me of 60's sitcoms where the ladies wore fluffy mules with a nylon negligee. Anyway I digress. I would have loved a fluffy pair, and I was very tempted by a pink pair at Heathrow airport, but thought the would be too young for me, so these are perfect. They are fake fur but not obviously so, and they are flat and comfortable. Another Summer staple.

Fake fur sliders from a selection at

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