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Everyone Loves The Coastal Look

Apparently it's everyone's dream to live by the sea, and it's not surprising is it really? The coast reminds us of holidays, being carefree, big skies, sandy beaches, childhood memories.

And for a decorating style, its a simple one, 2 main colours, comfy furniture and beach finds. Here's some looks to drool over - and dream..............

To get a coastal look lanterns are a must, these ones attached to a to-die-for verandah are so cute and their big brother is sitting on the deck. I love the driftwood feel to this furniture and the runner is stunning, I wouldn't mind a t-shirt like that, or a dress......

The coastal look isn't not just for outdoors, its easy to achieve indoors too. Start with white painted panelling, add big blue squashy sofas and striped cushions and a couple of sturdy tables. Footstools are the perfect extra seating.

Can't get to the coast? Then create a seaside inspired dining area. A rough wood table is a good base, although you could cover any table in a suitably nautical cloth. Blue and white tableware is easy to find at this time of year, add some wavy design blue glasses a jar filled with shells and a lantern or two.

Imagine you are in Greece, or Morocco or anywhere Mediterranean really. Sigh. These lovely patterned and tasselled cushions look like they could stand up to some wear and tear, fling a few throws around and a rug and voila! And those bobble tassel curtain panels are great aren't they? And would be really easy to make.

I can imagine this on the south coast, the Witterings maybe. Simple grey furniture on a weathered deck with a plain rug for a bit of comfort, the odd cushion and dip dyed glass jars with greenery in. Open the wine someone!

This look is bit more styled, a corner sofa is a wonderful thing (I recently got one), great for lounging, a pebble lamp adds a nice beach touch and a wooden chandelier is a nice touch. Add patterned, unlined curtains and a whopping great plant to get a colonial feel. Oh and shutters, you have to have shutters. Lets call this one Caribbean.

Closer to home and I have just styled my lighthouse, ok, beach hut. Adding accessories is a great way to get the coastal look without going the whole hog. First find your lifebelt........... sainsbury'

A fun bedding shot with naive painted boats that would be perfect in a beach house kids room or for guests. Blue and white always looks clean and fresh and its easy to add to with different tones. A white painted chest makes an informal side table.

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