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July Favourites

So here's my pick of things I have found and loved this month

I’ve got a really small head so not all sunglasses suit me, so when I find a shape that works, I stick with it. I have always wanted a clear framed pair – to make me look intelligent and a bit alternative, well, maybe not, but I love these ones from that's Udaipur in the background

When Ieft Woman & Home mag they bought me a fab Monica Vinader ring, but I couldn't decide which colour, so when I had some money for my birthday, I decided to buy the other one! After all what's the point of a stacking ring, if you've only got one!

I’ve long been a fan of Neom, and this diffuser is perfect for Summer, with a scent of sun baked lemons blended with fresh basil for an energising scent. Apparently pure lemon oil works to stimulate a tired and busy mind, encouraging clear thinking, and basil has long been used to help with mental fatigue and the ability to concentrate, so now you know. With 100% natural ingredients and a huge 20-25ml of the purest essential oils, the scent lasts for a really long time. I’ve had one of their diffusers for over a year!

Insider tip - you can sometimes find them at a reduced price at Homesense!

Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil diffuser

Who doesn’t love a new wash bag to go on holiday? Especially one that doubles up as a clutch! This one will get you in holiday mode straight away with its funky palm tree design in glitzy gold thread.

Then of course you have to have your travel toiletries don’t you? There is something about little bottles and mini tubes isn’t there? I find as I get older, like a lot of other women, my skin has dried out, so some products irritate me, but these sulphate-free products are great.

Palmier pouch

Travel beauty products

Clever storage, it's great when you find something that works, so when I saw this simple pocket as I was working on a Christmas gift guide recently, it answers all my prayers! OK, bit extreme but it certainly stops me treading on my iPad or Kindle when I stumble out of bed in the morning.. perfect in a small room Bedside Pocket £17.50

Now I have never thought I needed a 1 person teapot. I've managed to get this far in life without one, but I started having hot water and lemon in the morning, which morphed into turmeric tea, lemon and ginger, but if you have real ginger or frozen, which is easier, you get bits in your mug, so what's the solution? A 1 person teapot! and this one is rather stylish, with a nice big cup so you can keep filling it up from the pot whilst sitting at your desk. I'm converted.

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