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More and more of us are working from home, at least some of the time, and its set to grow with better internet access. And even if you don't, isn't it nice to have a dedicated area for all your home admin? So I've picked out some rather gorgeous home offices to drool over, see below. Does mine look like this? Err no. But it might one day..........

I love this look, ok it's not that realistic, but it's sooooo stylish. Use an old wooden table as a desk and have vintage-style metal mesh shelves on the walls with colour-coded books. I'm a sucker for an old typewriter, but just use it for display and keep your computer out of sight. After all, you don't want to spoil the look do you? A dedicated desk lamp is essential, so check out

Now if you are serious about it, this is the kind of office you need. Oodles of storage space, some hidden for all the ugly stuff, and open shelves for the nice stuff. Creating an office corner is a good idea too as it keeps it separate. This is one all the family can use.

This is lovely too. A proper desk with handy drawers and a large open display unit for all the extra stuff. Not really a proper office chair, but fine if its not being used all the time, and doesn't it look comfy?

This looks really cool, mainly because of that stunning wall, but the desk is gorgeous too. Mid-century style and elegant. That lamp is incredible too

More metal mesh (there is a theme here) but this time as a desk base with a glass top. Oh look! another vintage typewriter.

If you have an open-plan living area, you probably have space for an office zone. This one is tucked neatly away in a corner with a bookshelf, and a rather nice view of the garden! Painting the desk the same colour as the walls and having curtains in the same shade makes it blend in

Ah the old office under the stairs scenario. Still a great idea though. But is has to be bespoke to fit properly. Its sort of cosy isn't it?

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