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In magazine land, Autumn is the time when everyone thinks about storage. Maybe it's that back-to-school vibe about being organised or maybe it's because, as we will be spending more time indoors, we suddenly notice how messy everything is! or God forbid, we want to get sorted before Christmas! Here are a few inspirational storage pieces along with some personal solutions (or not) from my home ...........

Open wall shelving is one of the best solutions in a sitting room. You have long walls to take large pieces and you can fit oodles of stuff on it, great for books and displaying favourite objects. Does get dusty though. Check out the 60's style sofa

I love this little piece, its so cute! Looks great as a bedside table and has drawers that lift off so you could use all 3 or just one! Clever huh?

Shoe storage - the bane of everyone's life. I think this is a great piece, a seat with storage underneath and a shoe rack beneath - gotta have it.

In the dark - a gorgeous on-trend dresser in a deep blue/grey. Storage at the bottom to hide away ugly stuff and a glazed cabinet above to display your favourite glassware.

Live in a small space? This storage unit is the perfect solution, 2 handy drawers and open shelves on nice little legs. Better keep it tidy though!

This is my sitting room with a built-in unit next to the fireplace. There was a truly horrific, fake brick, structure along the whole wall with a gas fire and little niches for ornaments when we moved in, which obvs had to go. So my father-in-law built this. Log store, cupboard and open shelves above, the open shelves are mirrored on the other side of the fireplace. It does the job perfectly. With an awkward area you have to go bespoke.

Ahhhhh, I saw this in India earlier in the year and fell in love with it. After saying I couldn't afford it, he chased me, I knocked him down and had to succumb, well you have to spend your redundancy money on something don't you? You know how it is, I just kept thinking about it, its so unusual. Its going in my newly decorated bedroom. Can't wait for it to arrive.

My dining room. I bought these walnut effect units from Dwell years ago and to begin with I didn't have enough to put in them! Can you imagine! How we laugh now! They are the perfect for putting all my collections on as well. And all you stylists out there, I know I forgot to put candles in the candlesticks - call yourself a professional? sigh

Oh the reality..........this is in my office. I first had it built when this was the kids playroom, then added to it when I started working from home, and its great because as you can see, its jammed full of essential stuff. It used to look a lot better as I had vintage wooden crates in the cubes, but guess what? no. 2 daughter took them..... and having all this storage means that my desk is clear! Liar....

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