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Let's Get Cosy

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to light my wood burner (sorry Sadiq, but I don't live in London), get the throws out, candles on and get into that Game of Thrones box set. What is the weather doing? One minute its bright sunshine, the next minute its pouring, and how many layers do you wear? I am either freezing or boiling. Anyway, today's post is about cosy looks to get you in the mood for the coming season

Isn't this chair great? Its like the princess and the pea with its pile of cushions in different plum/damson/dusky pink shades. The perfect seat for one and right next to the fire. These chunky stools are really popular at the moment too, I think they look kind of friendly....

You could spend all night in here couldn't you? That bath looks amazing, room for two? A rustic wooden ladder is a simple towel holder and obviously candles are a must, I just hope there isn't a draught down that chimney...

Oooooh moody, gotta love the combination of split-stone wall with inglenook - who knew they would come back into fashion? With a vintage-looking leather chair and a block colour rug - very 60's

For a bit more of a neutral vibe, sheepskin is big news this season, so go all-out with a sheepskin rug and a couple of smaller ones on the sofa, mix with wool cushions and throws to add pattern and detail, oh and don't forget your boots.

Dark walls aren't going anywhere in a hurry, and why should they when they look so fantastic? This colour combination is pretty good too with burnt orange coloured velvet and grey wool armchairs. Herringbone design floors are everywhere at the moment too, a nod to the 1930's but on a bigger scale

I love these colours together, this colour blue hasn't been used a lot lately but its perfect with burnt orange and these designs just scream Autumn. Good with leather

This looks so comfortable, muted colours, relaxed bedlinen with throws, pillows and cushions piled up and soft light, the epitome of calm. And a duo of on-trend wicker lampshades as a style statement

Puppy! Cute. Everyone house should have one, not a puppy, one of these pouffes, stools, chairs, bean bag, call it what you will but in sheepskin? Wow. It's got my name on it.

I couldn't resist this shot, its like going back in time. Any child would love this, hidden away in cabin bed making up stories and dreaming, it could be an attic, caravan, cottage .......The paint colour is Parma Gray from

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