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Decoration in India

Everywhere you look in India you see decoration, on all the buildings, the people - even the trees and lorries! It really is a feast for the senses. Here are a tiny amount of the fantastic examples that took my fancy last May.

Hmm I think I will paint the trees today.....don't they look great though? This was at the entrance of the tent hotel we stayed in in Pushkar. I remember thinking 'I must do that when I get home' yeah right. Not to mention I haven't got any trees .........

This was at the Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur, I love the layers of peeling paint and intricate designs of the floral border around something fairly insignificant and their colour blends are gorgeous

This was just randomly on the side of a house in Udaipur, as you do.

This was also at Jaigarh Fort as was the one below. This looks almost British doesn't it? You can see where they got the ideas for tiled fireplaces from.

Even a simple column doesn't escape the decorative treatment and not all Indian colours are bold, this combination of ochre, black and teal on this column is pretty popular in interiors here right now! Even each of the panels on the door have little embellished sprigs of flowers, nothing is left unadorned.

ALL of the trucks we saw had decoration on them, and all over too. I don't know what this says but it looks great, doesn't it? It probably says something like 'if you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you' And on the back, they all have 'HORN PLEASE!' According to our driver, you can go without all sorts of things, but you can't drive without a horn in India!

Again this was at Jaigarh Fort. Such subtle, timeless colours and amazing patterns

Doesn't she look winsome? Well I hope its a she, it's hard to tell. This was at the city palace in Udaipur

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