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Art Around My Home

I don't have a lot of art but I do have favourite things I have collected over the years that mean something to me, and that's what its all about isn't it?

This is my latest piece, a US flag I bought years ago, who knows where. I finally took it in to be framed and the framers dated it for me to WW2, it's from the back of a boat and the reason he knew it was from WW2 was because it only 48 stars and now there are 50.

This was my first piece, bought for me by a boyfriend when I was in my early twenties, by an artist who was one of his lecturers at Coventry university. His name - the artist not the boyfriend - was Alan Dyer and he is still painting. I wonder if he still lives in that flat?

I have always been a massive classic film fan and would have loved a vintage poster, but they are so expensive! So I made do with a print and here it is resplendent above my mantelpiece.

I brought these back from my parents when we cleared their house. 2 little floral oil paintings. I want to say they came from my Nan's house but I honestly can't remember. My uncle was an artist but they aren't his.

I bought this in the Conran shop years ago, it's moved around the kitchen, and it's currently on the back of the door

I bought this when I first started styling, I'm not religious at all but I just liked it.

I bought this on my first visit to Amsterdam. It was hanging in the hall for years but its now in my bedroom

The small metal plates came from Athens, I'm not sure what they are but they are nice aren't they? I was on a girls holiday and I dragged them all over the place until I found the antiques market. My friend, Gill bought me the print above, its an old Walpamur paint ad.


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