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Whenever I write that word, it makes me think of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. 'Who?' I hear you say, well in 1968 he brought out a song called Fire and used to stand on stage with a fire burning on top of his head. Honestly kids you don't know what you are missing. Check it out on youtube if you don't believe me.

Anyway, it's now cold enough to put the fire on - hurrah! Not the cold, but I do love a fire - who doesn't? An open fire or a wood burner has to be one of life's simple pleasures. Throw in a glass or two of red and what else to you need? And if the ban in London does come into effect for woodburners, there are some amazingly stylish bio-fuel fires that are wonderful in a different way. Here's a few I liked the look of....... specialise in the tiled surrounds and hearths and this one is pretty stunning.

Who needs art when you can have one of these? Aren't they great? They run on biofuel, obvs. Cocoon Vellum wall-mounted fireplaces from £2290

I love this shot, it's not the usual way you would see a fire but it just goes to show how contemporary they can look with an amazing back drop like this. Flint wallpaper, £120 a roll, Ottoman £945 Stuv16 stove which can use wood, pellets or gas

Those Scandinavians have been making stoves for years, this one would suit a classic or modern setting. They have a huge array of stoves that burn either wood or are multi fuel. Model 3440, £1900

Ahh Chesneys. I love the retro look and midnight blue colour of this stove. Chesneys have a wide range of stoves, surrounds, fireplaces and even a new range of fire surrounds designed by Kelly Hoppen. Alpine in Atlantic Blue with Devonshire surround.

This recessed beauty is great for a modern apartment with low level seating Firebox Grand uses bio-ethanol fuel, so doesn't need a flue

A slender model with a handy wood store beneath with a glossy, curved door. A really smart looking model. This is the Novus Multifuel stove, £1499

Guaranteed to give you that 'hygge' feeling, love this compact stove in pure white. Really neat. Bold 400 woodturning stove in pure white enamel £3295

Another good looking stove with a handy log store and a slimline design.

Fireline Woodtec extra-wide stove

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