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Design and Decoration - Portuguese Style

If you haven't been to Lisbon yet, make this the year you do - it's so inspiring, fabulous decoration everywhere you look, it's a stylist's dream. And when you go, factor in a trip to Sintra (thank you Caroline Davis for the recommendation) a train ride away up in the hills, it's mind-blowing. Here's a few of the things I saw and want to share

Gotta love a bit of Art Nouveau which I didn't expect to see here, but then why not? Very Mucha. I thought this was a cinema but actually when I looked closer it was a strip club!

As you know this is the home of Port, well here and Jerez and other towns in Portugal, and its sold everywhere. I love this shot, not only because its iconic, but because I met a relation who was married to the very talented photographer, Pia Tryde, lovely people.

Isn't this gorgeous? A fabulous old-fashioned shop selling leather gloves

We ended up in this bar on the first day, Cervejaria Trinidade, tiles everywhere. Its all a bit Versace isn't it?

Another fantastic shop, great floor too.

This cocktail bar is amazing! Like an antique shop with drinks! So much to look at and definitely worth a visit, Pavilhao Chines Bar

More tile work and lots of lovely iron work, which was also everywhere.

Another fantastic sight. Mountain scene up the stairs! This was at the station.

Fantastic antique shop up on the hill near the castle, but stupidly overpriced. Great views up there though.

More amazing tile work

Amazing monument to Vasco da Gama at Belem just outside Lisbon, has to be seen

The Palace at Sintra up in the hills and SO worth a visit. Its like a fairy tale palace. All of the decoration below is from there.

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