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Beautiful Bathrooms

We spend an awful lot of time in the bathroom, well some of us do, so make it a pleasure to be in. Here's a few gorgeous styles for inspiration

Black baths are THE thing at the moment, especially in this mock croc effect. This one is a lovely curving shape and resplendent in the middle of the room with a background of large blue tiles and a stunning wallpaper from Alderley Mock Crock Leather Effect Bath,

A calming bathroom scheme with a wood effect wall-mounted vanity unit with integral storage mirrored by the wall unit. Both have yellow shelves and cubby holes as an accent. That wall design is pretty stunning too.

Lume 7 Generale

I love the way this room is separated by black border glass panels, defining the two areas. The long vanity unit gives lots of space and the shape of that bath is to die for. Stunning.

Bijou Gloss in Norfolk Blue and Fossil tiles £32.50 sq.m.

I saw this at the C P Hart showroom and thought how fabulous it looked with the black frame and Art Deco styling. Bordered by Matthew Williamson wallpaper for

Drench Victoria shower doors from £1653

A real indulgence - a silver, footed, roll top bath in a room with vibrant Morroccan-style tiles on the floor and walls. Not to mention that incredible mirror. Tay bath £5460, Dalby shower £2820

Get the look of a sauna with practical ceramic tiles, again on the walls and floor

Norway tiles in natural, £39.45 sq.m. Then add a contrasting geometric tile in the shower area. And isn't that basin cute?

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