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Winning Window Treatments

I am thinking about changing the blinds in my sitting room, but what do I choose? If you have gorgeous tall windows, you can have pretty much anything from full length curtains to blinds, or a combination of both, but I have a 1930's house with a curved bay so what do I choose? I've got sill length roman blinds at the moment. You might be thinking about changing your window treatments too, so have a look at some of these lovely styles for inspiration

Curtains are so much more relaxed these days, nothing like the goblet-headed, lined and interlined, swagged curtains of old. These are unlined, so the light can shine through, in a wide stripe in a fabulous colour combination, that chair looks amazing too, what a great shape.

Classic roman blinds are hard to beat and work with lots of different shaped windows. These are particularly nice in linen with a great stripe detail and look great with that Farrow & Ball wallpaper, couldn't you just sit on that window seat for hours looking out?

Shutters - I think this is the way I might go. Not floor length like these but 5 panels around the bay, and white looks so fresh, and well, European. It will lift my sitting room no end

More roman blinds, in a row of three, so it looks like a fabric panel, in a lovely fresh blue and white fabric, Serenity from

Solid shutters this time, similar to original ones found on Victorian windows, and in a great shade of Cobalt blue, they remind me of Greece, especially with that bedlinen. californiashutters

These fabric blinds are such a great idea. With fabric vanes on a sheer single backing that can be opened giving a clear view of outside but with privacy or closed to suit. So clever. Pirouette by

More simple curtains, or voile panels really, in a loose floral trail design. A good way of softening a large window and bringing in a summery feel. Get those beams....... Zapara and Iyanu fabrics

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