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Flower Show

Florals are everywhere this season, all over fashion and in interiors too, but they don't have to be the blowsy, old fashioned designs, abstract florals look great too, its just a different vibe. Like this one above, in one of my favourite colour combinations, pink and red, big flower heads that really make an impact. A bit like Marimekko. From the Papavera collection from Sanderson

This one is gorgeous too, loose, watery florals on a mural wallpaper from queen of florals Bluebell Gray, this is a mural wallpaper and comes in panels, so you could choose how it looks in your home to make it really individual.

This all-over floral looks really retro, a bit like a child's bedroom from half a century ago, but lovely and calming, the wonderful shutters really set it off. California Shutters

Another modern take on florals, a contemporary tulip shape in varying shades of green looks stunning in this conservatory. Rayna Apple roman blinds from Hillarys

A lovely floral bedlinen set with a multi pattern in so many different colours, offset by a dark background. Another niave design - there seems to be a theme here - that would really lift a bedroom, and so many colours to accessorise with! Flora bedding in blueberry from John Lewis

Another design that looks mid century, it could have been designed in the 60's, but its fresh and pretty, a really cheerful choice for a breakfast room. Ester in Cranberry from Hillarys

And florals don't have to be colourful, they look great in monochrome too, so go for a different carpet that makes a subtle statement and looks truly elegant. Columbus large floral carpet £29.99 sq.m. Carpetright

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