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Coastal Vibes

Its a perennial favourite - but then what's not to love? Crisp blue and white and a reminder of the sea. Beaches, holidays, relaxing, memories..........and its a style you can adopt wherever you live.

Don't all shriek at once but all of this is from Argos! Yes really! Obviously the fabulous location and the way its styled are a massive help, but it looks great doesn't it? Love that sofa, which would work in any sitting room as its basically a neutral so you can add other colours to it. Simple lengths of fabric are strung on a rope as makeshift curtains, and the addition of a big shell under the coffee table and a gorgeous branch which looks like you just picked it up off the beach, are the finishing touches.

So this is my garden with my table set for an impromptu meal.......not really but I would love it if it was. Although that looks like a huge garden, so I wouldn't want the care of all of that. Anyway I digress. Coastal style table settings are easy as they are meant to be casual. So a mix of tablecloths or just lengths of fabric, in different colours can cover up any old table. Metal, Tolix style inside/outside chairs are just right, then all you need is blue and white tableware, the odd striped cushion and throw and you are all set.

Ahhhh a beach hut. Sigh....I use to have a beach hut at Hayling Island with my friend Steph when my girls were young. I loved it, we did it up, painted it, added shells, stones, old buckets and spades, had maps on the walls. Every year we struggled to open it as the weather had rusted the lock, but many a happy weekend was spent down there. Well, by me and Steph anyway, the kids used to play in my car! This sofa is a great shape, it looks like a collection of cushions sewn together, and a corner sofa always looks like it should have loads of people on it, so its perfect for this look. A large upholstered footstool is extra seating or a coffee table and I love that wooden pillar side table. Perfect. Melody sofa from DFS

A subtle coastal look in pale shades. Wood panelling gives the seaside cottage look as a base, especially with the picture rail shelf. A colour palette of two colours, and simple patterns on the bedding and accessories. And that pretty blind with subtle sailboat images is just right.

Ahh this is the life, shame the weather isn't good. But what a view....A wooden deck, pebbles and a sturdy outdoor sofa with a dining table and bench seating for the best of worlds. Add white lanterns so you can light them when it starts to get dark.

Love that plank table and the trestle legs, it looks like it has been washed with white paint. Church chairs are painted blue and distressed and I so want that marbled throw. Those curtains look like long French tea towels. All these gorgeous textiles and pottery are from The National Trust shops

I think this is the same location as before, but a different look. This Joules sofa from DFS is such a lovely piece. Slender stripes with a floral overlay in blue and cream teamed with a blue and white striped armchair, and with red cushions and accessories to give the coastal look another dimension. Those ship pictures are just lovely.

This scene reminds me of Greece, and I think that is the intention. Dark blue on the bed and on the geometric patterned rug. A white, metal, vintage-looking bed and those stand out shutters. Love the rope lights too. Crack open the ouzo someone! Richmond shutters in a custom colour, Hillarys

And finally a coastal bathroom. I am always drawn to ombre, and I think this works really well. Dark blue fading to pale the further up the wall you get. White shutters, which always look perfect with this look and a few accessories to add the right touch.

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