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Window Treatments for All

I know its not long since I have done window treatments, but its on my mind. I have 5 bay windows upstairs and downstairs and over the years have had long curtains and roman blinds but I REALLY want shutters, but man they are expensive. So my thought behind this post was to show you all the options - whatever your windows are like and all the latest styles of course!

LOVE this image, its got everything as far as I am concerned, voile blowing in the breeze, embroidery of grasses, and ombre, and I suppose I love it because I don't have any windows like this, so I can never have it, sigh. Callista from Clarissa Hulse at Harlequin style

This is just great, if you have one window in a room, make an impact! With a fab, colourful fabric and a simple design. Roman blind in Prestigious First Class Mulberry Blinds UK

For clean lines in a sophisticated, contemporary sitting room like this one, pleated blinds are a great choice. Free hanging, they offer controlled light and privacy and with top down/bottom up blinds its the ultimate flexible choice. There are lots of different colours too. Duette blinds

This is such a lovely fresh shot .......sigh......half height shutters for light above and privacy below - the best of both worlds.

For a traditional look, and a great combination, this gives you the best of both worlds. Full length curtains with either plenty of fabric so they can be pulled across, or narrower dress curtains with roman blinds that pull down to whatever level you prefer. Kensington Dijon curtains with Sion Mimosa roman blinds style

Ahh venetians, you can never go wrong with a venetian - if you pardon the expression - they always look clean and unfussy and perfect for a loft room like this where there are radiators below. Hillarys

Simple curtains, what's not to like? I love this 50's inspired fabric, Flora, £30 a m from the latest collections from John Lewis, perfectly teamed with mid-Century style Ercol furniture

You might not think of window film, but its a great option for privacy and can be taken off when you tire of it. Its a bit fiddly to put up, but works really well. This one is FB041 from The Window Film Company

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