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The Latest Christmas Looks

Ahh December - the Christmas decorating begins, apparently this is the weekend when most people decorate their home, so I have gathered a few ideas together, some new, some not so new to give a little inspiration

I thought I would start with one with clean lines - shades of pale grey and cream and a tree dressed with copper, grey and white, a real tree (my favourite) for its lovely scent. Wrap your presents in copper and grey paper to complement and add the odd copper touch such as this cushion, the pendant light and a couple of pieces on the coffee table.

A bit more dark and dramatic, in shades of deep blue and teal. This looks so rich and glamorous at Christmas. Tone on tone really makes an impact, so dark blue walls, a dark carpet and sumptuous dark velvet furniture, Claude armchair and Georgette footstool both in Prussian Blue, lifted by touches of gold on the mantelpiece and on the wrapping, and of course, blue baubles on the tree

Sometimes trad is the only way. But brought up to date with dark walls in this instance, and a dark fireplace. Tartan is always a winner in the trad stakes with plain church candles, frosty foliage and those old-school stockings, love the button trim. This is a great one for nostalgia, dressing the tree with decs you have had for years and your kids have grown up with.

This is one I styled a few years ago when I was Homes Editor at Woman & home. Our editor always went for silver and white as the lead story, so it got a bit wearing trying to come up with new ideas each year, but it is a stylish look none the less. This is a very full, frosty, (fake) tree, and I like it, although I don't put this much on at home, but my favourite bit has to be that silver cowskin rug, complemented perfectly with the sequin throw.

Another one from the archive that I styled. Love the gold leaf design curtains by Jocelyn Warner. If you don't want a full-on tree, this simple gold one is a good option, then choose similar style baubles like these egg and acorn ones.

If you are lucky enough to have a hallway like this, make the most of it with a magnificent decorated banister. Fresh foliage smells so gorgeous and drapes so well. Once it's in place, add frosting, little baubles and those long, pink ribbons add a vintage touch. Paper streamers looks stylish draped like this, then add lanterns, more bauble and lots of twinkly lights. Wyevale

This is another one from the archive. And yes I know these huge letters mean you can't get up the stairs, but its just meant to be an idea to welcome guests, and I think its a great idea! Well I would wouldn't I? These ones were from, and they aren't doing them this year, but you can find some on etsy Use a fake garland up the banister and add a fir cone garland on top, pin lights and then tie on some glittery baubles to finish it all off.

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