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Slow Living

There is a new movement in interiors - Slow Living - designed to make us all stop and think and live in the moment. It's about taking a bit of time for yourself to be quiet and calm, so your surroundings need to echo this. Here's a few new looks that I think fit the mood perfectly....

I am seeing a lot of wooden cladding in interiors at the moment, which can either be industrial (see previous post) or stylish and Scandi like it is here. Doesn't this feel calm? The wood is natural and the colours are soothing. Organic shapes add a mid-Century feel and big windows give a view of greenery outside which is good for the soul. All Swoon

60's retro rattan chairs are everywhere at the moment, as are Moroccan-style pouffes. Great for occasional seating and for taking a moment for yourself. Texture and embellishment is everywhere too, giving everything a hand-made feel, which reflects the time taken to create it. French Connection

The soft colours in this room are so soothing. Pale pink isn't going anywhere and neither is ochre. Rattan is used for the armchair and also for the lampshade, there are lots of different styles around at the moment to choose from. There is texture in the cushions and the throw with its oversized bobble edge Hillarys

Slow Living is all about taking time, so make flavoured water, bottle preserves, make wine and bake, then share with friends and family. This Industrial style trolley is so useful, you can move it around from room to room to where it's needed. Nordic House

The bathroom should be the epitome of calm, so make sure you paint it in a soothing colour. This warm taupe shade is perfect. Dark wood works really well with it. Merida soft sheen emulsion, £16 for 2.5L B&Q

More Moroccan vibes and more pouffes. A relaxing little set up with lots of pattern, and plants are everywhere! To add to the calm and slow pace. These pieces are from the Grounded Earth range from Very

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