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Go Eco - In The Bedroom

With March 11th - 17th being National Sleep Foundation Sleep Awareness Week, (that's a mouthful isn't it?) and so much in the media recently about how little sleep we are getting and what it's doing to us, coupled with all of us becoming more eco-conscious and wanting to reduce waste, I thought now was a good time to do a post on getting eco in the bedroom.

Your eco bedroom should start with the basics - the paint on the walls and the flooring. Earthborn Paints are formulated using selected ingredients and a technologically advanced manufacturing process, to offer breathable paints that are environmentally friendly and with no nasty smells. This gorgeous ochre colour is called Humpty Dumpty. Earthborn Paints Carpet made from 100% wool (below) is obviously all natural and wool is a fantastic sustainable source, but don't forget the underlay - not much point in having an all natural carpet with a man made underlay which is not eco-friendly. Also worth considering is sisal, coir, jute or even go one step further and choose flooring made from discarded fishing nets or post consumer plastic bottles.

Avebury Maddington Mist, Cormar Carpets

Button & Sprung make it a point of principle to manufacture beds in the UK that are eco-conscious, and this beauty is the Camellia in sophisticated charcoal. They also offer 100 nights free returns, a 10 year guarantee, the bed will be delivered and assembled by them with free removable of your old mattress.

Linen is one of the most natural materials, made from flax it's one of the oldest textiles in history, sustainable, and exceptionally fresh and cool in hot weather. It's also wonderful to sleep in and doesn't need ironing! The Secret Linen Store

One of the most important things to buy is a mattress made from natural materials. Not only will you be sleeping on it every night, so you don't want to be breathing in possible chemicals from man-made products, but you will sleep well knowing that when its time for it to go, it won't sit in landfill for a thousand years. Mattresses from Button & Sprung have 5 layers of 100% luxury natural fillings using Egyptian cotton for its softness, strength and ability to wick away moisture, with mohair and horsehair which is incredibly soft, breathable, and offers natural comfort, all are made in the UK.

Pillows are another important part of your eco bedding. Choose wool-filled pillows which are all natural, these ones are filled with wool from Lake District grown Herdwick sheep and also have 100% cotton covers. They are perfect if you have allergy sufferers in the house as they are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites. Herdysleep

These stylish blinds have a hidden and heart-warming secret. They are made from re-cycled shoreline plastic. It is processed, spun into Bionic yarn and made into Sea-Tex roller screen fabric - fantastic. Its available in 5 neutral shades, this one is Sand Style Studio

And don't forget the finishing touches - all cushions and throws from Bronte by Moon made with wool from traceable sources and harvested from sheep that are free-range and pasture-fed. Cushions from £49.95

One of my favourite brands for their gorgeous scent, Neom. They only use 100% natural fragrances with the purest essential oils blended to help relax and prepare for sleep

Scent To Sleep Tranquility 3 wick candle, £45 Neom

Another bedlinen company, Undercover makes breathable and anti-bacterial bedding from a mixture of cotton and Tencel which is made from sustainably grown botanicals including eucalyptus. Even better? Its biodegradable. Ponto duvet cover, £120 for a double.


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