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It's A Jungle Out There

Yes I know its been around for a while, but clearly everyone loves it! As it's still all over the interiors world. It's a strong pattern but is so evocative. Be bold and use it all over your walls as wallpaper or a mural, or as a curtain or blind fabric against plain walls. Or if that's too much of a commitment, just buy accessories - rugs, cushions, tableware or lampshades.

Bit of history here - I discovered that palm print was first used by interior designer, Dorothy Draper in 1937 when she designed a wallpaper called Brazilliance for the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in California, so its got a long pedigree, and her company is still going - go Dorothy!

Oh to have a room this size...and its got everything - old wooden floorboards, emerald distressed walls, funky brass pendant light and the piece de resistance - that gorgeous wall mural, Castle of Batavia (almost typed Bavaria then) by Pad Home. It looks like its been taken from an old print - even better. Seine King bedframe, £665 Barker & Stonehouse.

Monkey See, Monkey Do, I've always had a soft spot for monkeys, apes really, chimpanzees to be specific, not to go into too much detail. I could spend hours looking at this wallpaper.

Mind The Gap Barbados in Anthracite, £150 a roll, Rose &Grey.

Pink and green - great combo. This wallpaper looks like its swaying in a tropical breeze doesn't it? Easy to live with, just add macrame pot holders and real greenery. Yasuni Lush in Green £50 a roll, Graham & Brown

Isn't this seat great? its like a garden love seat - and, well, I love it! Especially when its been upholstered in this fantastic print. A green, repeat, leaf design called Manila from Harlequin

The doyenne of bold wallpapers - Cole & Son, again this has so much going on, I could look at it for hours, it's almost 3D. You need something bold in a large room like this one - so this is the perfect pairing. It's called Forest Botanical Botanica

It doesn't have to be green, I can imagine this in an office in New York. Brown on gold, it looks a bit Mad Men doesn't it? and check out that fantastic table and lamp! Stunning. Erismann Botanical Leaf Jungle wallpaper in chocolate, £13.99, i Want Wallpaper

And if you don't want to immerse yourself in jungle fever, just use it as an accent, these dining chairs are simple and stylish with a 60's feel.

Safia dining chairs, £129 each

Or just add a rug and cushions. Love the shape of this sofa too. Connor cotton velvet sofa, from £799, Jangala velvet cushion, £29 and wool rug, all £299

Or get the perfect table setting with jungle tableware, and add big leaves as place mats, an easy way to make an impact and great for parties outside. Ciel Shop

Go subtle with a light, jungle leaf print with a yellow tinge, it seems to lead you outdoors. Roller blinds are perfect for french doors as having one on each door doesn't restrict access or get in the way of the door handles. Greenery Tropical roller blinds from a selection at Hillarys

How about this for a statement? It doesn't get more kitsch than this, pure Miami, but what an impact. And doesn't blue look great with it? Pink jungle wallpaper, from £27 sq.m. Wallsauce

A bold rug will 'anchor' a room and add punchy colour in a neutral space. Rattan furniture is the perfect accompaniment, taking the look back to its roots. Sanderson Manila wool rug, from £449 The Rug Seller

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