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A Mindful Home

It doesn't look like we will be going back to normal any time soon, and I am sure, like me, its all starting to get to you....and I know it may seem frivolous to do blog posts about interiors in these difficult times but this is my way of keeping some sanity - doing what I do, and have been doing for a long time. Work has always given me structure and in a time of no structure, you have to create it for yourself. So I decided this week's blog post should be on creating a mindful home of calmness and simplicity to retreat to. Here are some of the elements..... Living Space

Soft, barely-there neutrals are a good place to start. The high ceiling in this room gives it an airy feel and the wall panelling adds subtle interest to the walls. A modern sofa from the So Simple range from DFS in Dulux Colour of the Year - Tranquil Dawn is calming in a modern shape. Add organic shapes and vessels for accessories and flowers from the garden - easy living

Create A Quiet Corner

If it all gets too much, find a corner where you can sit and contemplate, or read or listen to music. A comfortable armchair is essential, this one is the Beech Spindle Back armchair from Cox & Cox. and dress the corner with natural materials, like this basket and rug. Simple line-drawing pictures add interest without being distracting.

Laid Back Kitchen

Using a single palette of colour in a room or throughout a house is restful and uncomplicated because the colours don't compete with each other. It also makes a good backdrop for accessories, but again keep them to the same shade with the odd natural piece in wood or metallics. All accessories from the Country Kitchen range A by Amara Stow It Away

There is nothing calming about mess, so make sure storage is up to scratch, and if necessary have a clear out. Do you really need all that stuff? Now is a good time to get rid of things you don't need and never use - its very cathartic. A glass-front cabinet like this one £995, tableware from £10 The White Company, is ideal for displaying lovely china, but don't overfill it, and choose the same colours for all of your tableware for a cohesive look. And a dog..... for cuddles. Indoor Garden

We all know that house plants make us happy, so how about a living wall inside? This clever vertical system from Horticus is flexible, so you can start with a few and add to it. You can also break it up with small objects or a speaker, or anything really! from £264

Calm Dining

Neutral can be a bit dull, but not this look! with warm, simple, wooden furniture - the Crawford range from Heal's - the organic objects, rough textures, artwork, the grid wall panel and a beautiful herringbone floor, there is plenty to look at but its calming at the same time - perfect.

Nature Trail

Isn't this a beautiful pattern? A slightly wobbly shape with imprinted leaf patterns, just like taking a page out of nature journal, and if you look closely the glaze has subtle changes of colour - the Nostalgia range from Bloomingville - just beautiful Grey Scale

Has grey had its day? I don't think so, I think its become a modern classic, its a very calming shade, easy to live with, and of course it goes with everything. This is my bedroom, my sanctuary and I love it. I started with that fabulous wallpaper - Storm Clouds from Abigail Edwards and the rest of the room worked around it.

Indulge Yourself

Mmm, isn't this wonderful? Simple but stylish. Natural concrete walls have their own beauty as its different every time, and the honey colour of the floor and wall tiles makes it warm. Just add a candle, your favourite scents and have warm towels ready. All accessories Dunelm

And finally there is nothing like being outside for wellbeing. Fresh air and a relaxed setting, comfortable furniture, having a drink with friends, then later, light the candles, and pull a throw around you if it gets chilly. This is the Heyshott sofa set, £1650 from Garden Trading

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