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Bridgerton - or Regency Style

We've all gone mad for Bridgerton-style, which is of course Regency-style or Royalcore as it seems to be called at the moment. All those striped wallpapers, gilt furniture, wall panelling, gilt picture frames, glass chandeliers, urns and decorative mirrors. It's an elegant look and suits bedrooms particularly, and French Bedroom Company have embraced it wholeheartedly (even the staff dressed up in period costume). So, I've picked a few images to show you how to get the look, then all you will need is a long frock, a parasol and your hair in ringlets, oh, and maybe a bonnet.

So first up, from the French Bedroom Company is this Palais Avenue bed, so elegant with its gilt detailing and in classic cream uhholstery. This room has all the other elements too - wall panelling, which is pretty easy to do if you have plain walls, embellishment on the wardrobe, a gilt and glass chandelier and even an urn.

Another French Bed Company image showing this Palais de Versailles gorgeous green damask covered sofa. The gilt frame is a classic Regency look and the wall panels have been enhanced with period-style, limited edition wallpaper that can be personalised! Yes really. Not sure why the granny smiths are there tbh.

This image is of a limited edition sofa by Drew Pritchard, you know from Salvage Hunters on the tv - love that programme, my idea of the perfect job, would happily do it for free. Anywho, I digress, this sofa is called the Atherton and it's a 4-seater pillow-back in Imperia Ivory from £1895 from Barker and Stonehouse. It doesn't have a gilt frame, so probably a better fit if you don't want to go the whole hog. Notice the panelled walls too, and some of his other fab finds I imagine.

And a bathroom. A freestanding bath, especially in copper would be the perfect for a Royalcore look, perfectly set off by this Wisteria mural from Woodchip & Magnolia. Find a copper bath at William Holland or

B C Designs

If you don't want to try installing your own wall panelling why not use panelled wallpaper? You get the same look a lot more easily. This one is Duck Egg Faux Panel £30 m2 from Wallsauce. I love the distressed finish, it makes it look authentic and such a pretty colour.

Or consider a four poster - so elegant, especially as this one is covered in silver leaf, very glamorous. It's £7260 from And So To Bed A quilted damask bedcover is just right for this look.

A dressing table would be the ideal addition to the Regency bedroom, especially one as beautiful as this one - it's the floral dressing table, £1372 from And So To Bed with curved lines, elaborate carving and delicate hand-painted flowers, it looks like an antique. It's inspired by Marie Antoinette's personal furniture collection.

Then once your Bridgerton-inspired room is nearing completion, it's down to the accessories. A beautiful champagne crystal chandelier with added tassels would be ideal, this is the Laura Ashley Aanais 5ft chandelier, £275, from John Lewis. That white mirror is perfect too, as is the pale grey wallpaper.

Urns are perfect for the Regency look, this metal one is from Melody Maison, £19. You can often pick up urns at vintage markets.

Fringing and embellishment is also good for this look. There are plenty of fringed lampshades around like this one. Try Etsy for vintage-looking styles. Attaching decorative tape to the curtain edge and including a tasselled tie back enhances the look and search for unusual pieces such as this glass ball decoration in antique shops. These leopard print cushions, £75 from Arley House aren't exactly Regency, but they have others that are and the room as a whole has the right feel. Right I am off to start watching series 2......

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