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Get Some Colour In Your Life!

We are all struggling with these uncertain times. Not knowing what is happening to the world, our health, our work, worrying about our families, money and what is going to happen next? Thank goodness the sun is out, otherwise it would be truly awful. Now it may seem a bit frivolous, and I know there has been mixed views on Instagram about whether to talk about interiors at this time, but as we are spending so much time at home, I know I am looking around and thinking what I can change? what hasn't worked? How can I improve it? When I look at Instagram and other people's blogs I love the amount of colour people use, and find my home quite dull in comparison, so I have picked a few colourful images to inspire me, I hope they inspire you too.

I thought I would start with the first room you see as you enter. I've featured this shot before, but I LOVE it, I just wish I could afford that runner. Obviously it's the hero, but I love the way the stylist has picked up that brick colour on the skirting board. It's a simple trick and one I think I might use when I paint my stairs (again) Inigo runner in Amber, £180 a linear metre, from the Geometric collection, Grosvenor Wilton

WOW! This is such a hit of colour. Not just the walls, but the mix of green, yellow and red chairs, the red lampshade and the artwork with all the colours in it. And pattern in the gorgeous rug. Its just wonderful. Large Jute pendant in red lampshade and yellow contrast lining, £92, Pooky. A similar wall colour is Ultra Blue no. 264, Little Greene

This is such a fantastic colour combo. Soft green walls - Hobgoblin from Earthborn paints, then a hit of strong yellow on the bedlinen, Piglet in Bed have similar, and deep orange in the cushion and throw. All set off by the retro cane bedhead - who thought they would ever see those again? But its perfect.

More yellow which we have been seeing a lot of lately, especially when its teamed with black and grey. Yellow is guaranteed to lift your spirits and there are so many shades to choose from, from palest lemon to deep ochre. White lifts any scheme, then pull the look together with an ochre throw and colourful, patterned cushions in the same colour palette, from £13.50. That little bedside shelf, Erika, £33, is perfect if you don't have room for a bedside cabinet. All Maisons du Monde

What do they say about blue and green should never be seen? Not any more.... look how fabulous these colours look together. Such depth of colour on the cobalt blue sofa and footstool, velvet does hold colour well. Touches of black look good with it too. A simple set up that packs a punch. Albie two seat sofa in Cobalt £1250, Rossio medium rug in Mondeo, £149, both Wall colour, Benjamin Moore

There is plenty going on here - in a fabulous way - who would have thought mustard and pink would look so good together? And that wallpaper is gorgeous too. Again the artwork picks out the colours, and throws in a bit of cobalt and orange for good measure. The bedlinen is all about the geo which is picked up in the wallpaper too. All Swoon.

More green walls but this time they are panelled - so on trend right now - with a bubblegum pink sofa, Althaea from £1349, but its the rug that lifts it to superstyle - great colours and a great pattern. The brass on the back of the shelving unit is such a lovely touch, its the Pablo, £429, and picked up in the pendant light. The funky table is Tammy, £179 all Swoon. .

There's a theme here isn't there? Obviously I am drawn to pink, which if you know me, wouldn't be a colour you would associate with me, but its such a versatile colour and easy to live with. This is such a lovely set up for an office. Zoning the area with a block of blue paint on the wall is a good trick, then having a blue cabinet in the room beyond ties it together. Pale pink walls, desk accessories and that clock co-ordinate perfectly and the deeper pink chair is spot on. All Maisons du Monde


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