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How To Add Colour And Pattern With Flooring

I've researched and written a few flooring features lately and have been blown away by some of the innovative new flooring around, particularly vinyl which seems to be having a resurgence, and its easy to see why, some of the designs are amazing! Better manufacturing processes and better print technology means there are loads of patterns and colours around, or you could even design your own. Vinyl often gets a bad rep because generally its made from PVC which is not recyclable, but there are companies out there who do recycle it, and there are some eco-friendly versions too. However, if you want a completely natural product, look at linoleum, marmoleum, natural rubber or cork, which is also becoming more popular as it can be coloured and cut into intricate designs, and it's sustainable. Vinyl is easy to lay so you can do it yourself and create a whole new look in a day. Here's a few I particularly liked.

Isn't this incredible? Its an amazing new vinyl range from The Floor & More and is based on the collections of Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth (1886-1967) who was a maker, collector and social activist, who began amassing textile and craft items from 1912 to keep them alive for future generations to learn from and be inspired by. The collection is housed in her childhood home, a National Trust property, Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire. This one is called Selina, £52 m2 and was a dress fabric sample from around 1950. It comes in two other colourways, pink and green but there are lots of fabulous designs in the range.

These are vinyl tiles called Havana Night and are inspired by the vividly patterned encaustic tiles found in Cuba. These are peel and stick tiles, so a perfect way to update a space with little fuss, and great for renters. They are from innovative company Zazous, another one of the young design companies who wanted to offer something other than wood effect.

This is a laminate floor and so similar to the tiled floor in my office, and this would have been a lot simpler and cheaper to install! Still love mine though. Laminate, if you didn't know, is made from pressed wood so it is more durable and resists scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Again its quite easy to lay but if your walls aren't square or your sub-floor needs some work, get the experts in. Mosaic laminate floor, £25.03 m2. Homebase

A classic black and white tiled floor, but vinyl, looks great doesn't it? Crisp, clean and fantastic with strong colours. This is Almeria from the Bubblegum and Liquorice collection from £16 m2 from Avenue Floors.

I love this, so retro, in great colours - the ideal floor for a kitchen disco... and whaddya know? its called Boogie! £59 m2, Atrafloor.

Another one from The Floor and More, this one is Torrance £48 m2. A fantastic large geo pattern in strong red and orange tones or you could pick your own colours, it looks fab in navy, red and white too. Would you believe its inspired by the carpet in the The Shining!

And another geo pattern vinyl floor, this time from Atrafloor. It's called Hartwig, £59 m2. Inspired by mid-century modern art, its a strong design that would really make a statement, in any room.


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