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Quick Bedroom Revamp

We've all been there.....the huge stain in the middle of the carpet, just as you walk in....Yes it was idiotic to put a cream carpet in a teenagers bedroom, and it was by no means pristine before this happened, but now, something had to be done.

The room was in pretty good condition and had most of the elements already - the bed, wardrobes, a blind, lampshade, but this minor disaster pushed me to gussy it up a bit (love that word). And buy a deep fitted sheet! It looks terrible, like showing your knickers, doesn't it? Dunelm have a good selection. Wall paint is Yoga Pose Walls & Ceilings matt emulsion and the wardrobes are in Nature Walk Wood & Metal satin both from Valspar

First and foremost - the rug, to cover up that awful stain, and I have admired this one for a while from French Connection. It has the right colours and adds a bit of pattern to a plain room. I also bought a new throw from Next which is long enough to cover the bed base and its lightweight and reversible.

I have had this table for a long time, and its normally in another room, it came from a shoot. Its not really my style to be honest, but it works in the space, you can find similar at The French Bedroom Company. I bought a new lamp from Next and added a ceramic candle from Amara. This shot really shows up how the walls need re-plastering!

My daughter bought these shelves from IKEA - they are everywhere on Instagram, but they do work well. The two prints, top and bottom on the left are from Desenio, I already had the pink feather picture and the postcards.

The cushions were ones I already had, apart from the 2 black and gold ones in the middle which I made from some gorgeous fabric left over from a shoot (not everything I have is left over from a shoot - honest). And making them filled a slow afternoon during lockdown, Its Bora from Style Library. I ordered the cushion pads from Dunelm. The grey throw is from Homesense (love Homesense)

The grey blackout blind is from Hillarys, it's unfussy and won't date. A plant or flowers add life, I love the sculptural shape of orchids.Find a similar pot and votive holders at Broste Copenhagen

And ta-dah! here she is finished. See? it doesn't take a lot, or much money for a quick and simple makeover.


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