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Revamp Your Hallway

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I recently made over my hall and stairs. So with my journalist head on, I thought I would share some of my hints and tips for re-doing your own hallway and I've thrown in some inspirational shots too. I hope you find it useful.

Here she is! Now I will fess up and say when I say makeover, I have really only painted the stairs and hall floor and moved some props around BUT I have never talked about some of the important things you need to include in a hall, so I thought this would be a good opportunity. This shot really shows off the radiator cover. This radiator was here when I moved in and its mahoosive! and a radiator cover does two things - it hides an ugly rad but also creates a really handy shelf for keys, gloves, spare change, all the stuff you want to dump when you walk through the door. You can find similar at The Radiator Cover Company or you can buy ready-made ones from Wayfair. That gorgeous fabric on the door curtain is from Mulberry Home and was left over from a shoot (luckily for me) and yes I did make it myself.

I thought I would show a close-up of the door curtain and portiere rod and explain how it works. The rod is attached to the door on the opening side (as shown here) and on the wall or door frame on the other side, so it hinges when the door is opened. The rod should be positioned above the door at the top. The door curtain should sit just above the floor, so it doesn't sweep the floor, but covers the opening, that way, when it's pulled across in the winter its stops draughts all around the door - clever huh? And in the summer months it just adds colour and interest. The rod came from Jim Lawrence and my fun pom pom tassel is £4.95 from V V Rouleaux

A great way and quick fix to liven up a dull hallway is with an animal print door mat like this one from Audenza or buy one in a colour that complements your scheme. This one is now sadly discontinued buy you can find similar at Next

Another way to ramp up your hall is with a really bold carpet. This hall is stylish in pale shades but without a lot of interest, so a bold geometric carpet really creates an impact. Its Columbus Greek Key, £32.99 sq.m from Carpetright

I stumbled across this great radiator shelf/table £160 from Urbansize. Perfect for a small hall, it partially hides the radiator whilst still allowing the heat to circulate, and the tapered legs and small top means it doesn't take up a lot of space. Its even got hooks underneath - it's got everything!

In a contemporary, simple hallway, adding vibrant wallpaper gives it an edge, and adds colour too. It looks like an artist's palette doesn't it? Adding art to add colour and interest will also make the space unique and allows your personality to shine through. Feathr La la wallpaper £129 a roll, Curious Egg

Panelling is another way to create a feature in a plain hallway. This large space has two different types, painted in two complementary shades - Bancha on the wall and Studio Green on the stairs, the white is School House White all Estate Eggshell, £64 for 2.5 ltrs. Farrow & Ball This panelling was original, but panelling is an easy diy job and there are kits available from B&Q or wallpaper that looks like panelling is another easy win, there are some great styles at Graham & Brown or Beut

This is more of a corridor but with some clever ideas you could incorporate into a hall. Create a focal point in the distance with a piece of art on the wall - it will draw the eye towards it. Painting the woodwork in deep blue makes it stand out, but the white walls stop it from being too gloomy. Two large mirrors on the right hand wall reflect the white wall opposite, again adding to the light feel. Laying the wooden floor in a herringbone pattern but from left to right adds subtle pattern and seems to lead you through the space. Woodworks Parquetry in Rhine Chevron, £115.17 sq.m. Ted Todd


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