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Alison Davidson. Human. Interiors Stylist & Writer ...... and now blogger!

I always wanted to be a journalist, I used to write anything on anything, I used to fill notebooks with all sorts of things - like what we had for dinner - but I didn't study so I left school and went into the scary world of work, doing lots of jobs I sort of enjoyed - sometimes - but not really finding my tribe.  Until I was working for a charity and got  involved in a fashion show - light bulb moment! So at 29, and threw it all in, regular salary, company car, and went back to college to study fashion journalism, which I loved. Then luckily, straight into the wonderful world of magazines. My first job was in fashion on Living magazine, you know the one that used to be at the end of the supermarket conveyor belt with Family Circle, but I quickly moved into interiors. IT WAS GREAT. I had found my tribe. 

Alison Davidson
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