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I've been working in interiors, writing and styling for over 20 years (blimey where has the time gone) and worked for all sorts of magazines; Country Homes & Interiors, Ideal Home, House Beautiful, Period Living to name a few. As well as books, brands (de le Cuona, M&S, V&A Baths, Ercol, Sharps), individuals, PR's, you name it, on all sorts of projects. Then 9 years ago I became the Homes Editor of women's lifestyle magazine, Woman & home, then 2 years ago I became Home & Interiors Editor of House Beautiful.  And now? I am going back to the wonderful world of freelancing.


People come to me for advice, I suppose because I call a spade a spade. So if you are looking for comment, insider knowledge, styling tips, art direction or just a chat, I'm your man, sorry woman.

Email me on call 07768 298347

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