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What To Wear on holiday in Rajhastan

Now, I'm not an idiot, I've never been to India before, so I did ask people what to take to wear including friends who had lived there, but it wasn't a massive help to be honest, apart from one friend saying take a cotton skirt in case you are taken short and ...... well you know what I mean. And of course, where were those 2 cotton skirts that have been in the wardrobe for centuries? Oh! I threw them out last year.......typical

It's incredibly hot in Rajhastan in May, a bit like here at the moment actually! And I have always been the belt and braces type (you never know), BUT having travelled a bit, I have honed it down over the years, so I was determined not to overpack, as everyone said I would buy stuff over there as its so cheap (I was quite restrained actually). So here is my holiday wardrobe for anyone who is interested.

This is me on our first full day in Delhi at India Gate, built by Lutyens in 1931 and inspired by the Arc de Triomphe, I think it was about 45 degrees. Loose trousers are perfect, although I really wanted to get my legs brown - why is it your legs are always the last thing to go brown? Discuss. So when they are still pasty white, trousers are a good plan. These were from Hush but you could buy ones just as good in India tbh. You don't need to know where to get vest tops I'm sure, but this one was from Tesco.

Me and my two mates at the Pink Palace, Jaipur. Indians love to dress up and of course love their colour, so perfect for posing opportunities. I bought this dress at a Gap outlet store along with a grey one. I've had it for about 6 years (it's got a dark stain on the front, but you can't see it). Its mainly polyester I think, so, alleluia it doesn't crease, perfect for travelling and although its long, it's actually quite cool, and you can wear a bra without it showing. And should I feel the need I am pretty sure I could wash it and it would dry without looking like a wet rag afterwards.

Just caught this leopard up at the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur. This dress was a godsend. I bought it in somewhere I never shop like Dorothy Perkins when I was with my daughter who was in Topshop (obvs) It was in the sale for about £17. I bought it to go to the Maldives last year - name drop me? - in my defence it was a press trip. Anyway I digress, its polyester again and loose. I just washed it, hung it up and it was dry to wear the next day. Light to pack too.

Another friend at the hotel in Jaipur. Some of the men have the most amazing moustaches, apparently it goes back to when the warriors had big bushy moustaches and sideburns. More loose trousers and a loose top, both from Zara in the sale (there is a theme here). I love the detailing on this top, makes it a bit different. Again, synthetic fabrics so not much creasing.

Me and the old fella on top of the palace at Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur. I bought this shift dress in H&M last year and everyone remarks on it when I wear it. It cost about £14.99. Its got 3/4 sleeves but its really light fabric so its cool, and I love the pattern, you could wear it over trousers or leggings too. Apparently each of those pointy things on the roof denoted a wife, so obviously this Rajah was a busy man!

Ooops! Its that dress again! At where else? the Taj Mahal. Actually I put this pic in the last post, but hoping no-one will notice.

I had these trousers made when I was out there, I think they cost about £5 and they turned them up for me! I have to turn all my trousers up..... And the bag was a new purchase too, that cost £3 ish. The ubiquitous Birki's have been all over the place, I bought them in T K Maxx years ago and they are so comfortable. If you are travelling and walking a lot, the last thing you want is sore, blistered feet, so take pretty sandals by all means, or buy them out there but only wear them if you aren't going far, otherwise comfort is key! No-one wants a moany travelling partner who can't walk.

So this is my haul from India, 3 pairs of loose trousers with the ubiquitous elephant and peacock patterns and a loose embroidered top. I share them with my girls. See? didn't go mad. I hope this has helped!

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