A Mindful Home

It doesn't look like we will be going back to normal any time soon, and I am sure, like me, its all starting to get to you....and I know it may seem frivolous to do blog posts about interiors in these difficult times but this is my way of keeping some sanity - doing what I do, and have been doing for a long time. Work has always given me structure and in a time of no structure, you have to create it for yourself. So I decided this week's blog post should be on creating a mindful home of calmness and simplicity to retreat to. Here are some of the elements..... Living Space Soft, barely-there neutrals are a good place to start. The high ceiling in this room gives it an airy feel and the wall

Quick Bedroom Revamp

We've all been there.....the huge stain in the middle of the carpet, just as you walk in....Yes it was idiotic to put a cream carpet in a teenagers bedroom, and it was by no means pristine before this happened, but now, something had to be done. The room was in pretty good condition and had most of the elements already - the bed, wardrobes, a blind, lampshade, but this minor disaster pushed me to gussy it up a bit (love that word). And buy a deep fitted sheet! It looks terrible, like showing your knickers, doesn't it? Dunelm have a good selection. Wall paint is Yoga Pose Walls & Ceilings matt emulsion and the wardrobes are in Nature Walk Wood & Metal satin both from Valspar First and foremo

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