Kitchen Inspiration

If you are looking for a new kitchen, this is a good time. Some of the sales are still on if you are on a budget, (mind you, when aren't they) or you could be getting yourself ready for a big purchase this year, and we all need something to look forward to, don't we? So why not a new kitchen. I would love one. My MFI kitchen was put in in the 70's, (no I wasn't living here then, I was at school in the Midlands) and it had dark oak panelled doors and those lovely, fake antique, metal handles - gorgeous. So, I tarted it up with new Shaker doors, painted them blue, put new knobs on, new floor, new tiles, and spent the grand total of about £1000 on it.'s been like that ever since.

Time for Craft

Winter is the time when I think about crafts. I can't get out into the garden, so apart from improving the house there is time to do a bit of crafting - after all it's good for soul. This one is a throw back to last Spring when I was invited to a flower pressing event. First gather your flowers or foliage and buy yourself a flower press for the best results. Amazon have a good choice. Although when I was a child we used to press them between the pages of a book. Encyclopaedias were good for this cos they were heavy. Note to youngsters - encyclopaedias were the old internet, you looked things up in them. Choose your finished item, I chose a glass hanging frame, but other people decorated c

Green Shoots

What a great shot, so lush and green, with a combination of bottle green, vintage style tiles and lime green walls, it works perfectly and tropical plants love a damp environment, so the bathroom is perfect - even though some of these are fake! Abigail Ahern has long been a fan of sculptural house plants, and chooses unusual ones such as the stag horn plant on top of the cabinet. They really lend themselves to this 70's vibe. Its a great mix of styles that work beautifully together. Love the bead chandelier too. What a lovely place to sit and while away the hours. I can imagine sitting here with a book and a coffee with the rain spattering on the roof. The house pl

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