Summer Entertaining

Well the weather might have broken, but I am definitely going to be relaxing and eating outdoors throughout the rest of the summer. So here's a few lovely images to get you in the mood to do the same. So here I am at my tiki bar next to my swimming pool - yeah right. But I can dream! I love this tropical hang out, my only worry is, what do you do with it in the winter? But its still summer, so who cares! Bring on another mojito! Tiki bar, Another dreamy setting, a rustic outdoor table under a grapevine covered arbour, and of course - fairy lights. I think this shot has everything I love - weathered wood, old brick, corrugated metal and ball fairy lights - the only thing miss

Window Treatments for All

I know its not long since I have done window treatments, but its on my mind. I have 5 bay windows upstairs and downstairs and over the years have had long curtains and roman blinds but I REALLY want shutters, but man they are expensive. So my thought behind this post was to show you all the options - whatever your windows are like and all the latest styles of course! LOVE this image, its got everything as far as I am concerned, voile blowing in the breeze, embroidery of grasses, and ombre, and I suppose I love it because I don't have any windows like this, so I can never have it, sigh. Callista from Clarissa Hulse at Harlequin style This is just great, if you

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