Design and Decoration - Portuguese Style

If you haven't been to Lisbon yet, make this the year you do - it's so inspiring, fabulous decoration everywhere you look, it's a stylist's dream. And when you go, factor in a trip to Sintra (thank you Caroline Davis for the recommendation) a train ride away up in the hills, it's mind-blowing. Here's a few of the things I saw and want to share Gotta love a bit of Art Nouveau which I didn't expect to see here, but then why not? Very Mucha. I thought this was a cinema but actually when I looked closer it was a strip club! As you know this is the home of Port, well here and Jerez and other towns in Portugal, and its sold everywhere. I love this shot, not only because its iconic, but because I

Time To De-Clutter

Spring is on it's way finally, so it's time to think about clearing the decks and ditching the clutter - you know you want to - and it gives you such a good feeling once you have done it! Practical and Mindful at the same time. Here's a few stylish ideas to inspire you. Love this company, and they do such cool stuff. It could have been made in the 60's but its bang up to date. It's a system, so you can create your own arrangement, add to it, move things around. It's the kind of thing you will have forever. String system in walnut from £72 Now that is what I call a coffee table - sturdy, stylish and with 2 shelves and a drawer - perfect. Pyers coffee table, £379 atkinandthyme.c

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