You're Making Me Blush

Blush, millenial pink, call it what you will, but this colour is an ongoing, and stylish trend. It's a colour that is calming, but can also look industrial - think unfinished pink plaster walls..... it doesn't have to be pretty-pretty or sickly, and it ranges from sugar pink to blush to apricot, and it's so forgiving, such an easy colour to live with. So dive in..... These unfinished plaster walls vary from pink through apricot with a bit of cream thrown in. I love the different shades on the wall and the rough wood table, rattan dining chair and floor lamp which really suit this look. Finished off with a Turkish rug in shades of terracotta frenchconnection More bare plastered walls but a mu

Luscious Lighting

As a result of doing up my bedroom I have been looking at a lot of lights recently, they have changed such a lot and there is so much more choice, its incredible when you think how dull lighting used to be, and there are lots more designer styles at reasonable prices, so fill your boots and check out some of my faves. A simple modern style, but in 3 different finishes, and they are called Hattermorn _ geddit? pendants. The floor lamp is a great 50's shape too, aptly named Bow tie, just perfect with that Eames chair. I think this is a great idea for over a side table, where no-one will walk into it! A fantastic geo design but transparent too, a true statement piece. Long pendant ha

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