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Green Shoots

What a great shot, so lush and green, with a combination of bottle green, vintage style tiles and lime green walls, it works perfectly and tropical plants love a damp environment, so the bathroom is perfect - even though some of these are fake!

Abigail Ahern has long been a fan of sculptural house plants, and chooses unusual ones such as the stag horn plant on top of the cabinet. They really lend themselves to this 70's vibe. Its a great mix of styles that work beautifully together. Love the bead chandelier too.

What a lovely place to sit and while away the hours. I can imagine sitting here with a book and a coffee with the rain spattering on the roof. The house plants on the table echo the ones outside and the olive tree in a basket adds height and shape. Perfect with the wicker furniture and botanical prints.

A shot showing blues and pinks rather than the usual jungle greens on the bedlinen. There is a bit of black and gold thrown in there too. The bamboo wall panel and 'rug' adds the perfect touch and plants are all around, large and small with those 70's-style hanging macrame pot holders that are everywhere at the moment. Plant-tastic.

Another calm corner, I dream of somewhere like this in my house (I'm working on it) This piece is so versatile, use it indoors, then when the weather gets better, move it outdoors and dress it accordingly. Pastels and texture indoors, and green leafy designs out. The radio, a glass of wine, what more do you need? And surrounded by plants indoor and out. Would die for that concrete floor.

This is great isn't it? If you are short on surfaces, hang this two pot planter from the ceiling and fill it with trailing plants, or create a still life with plants in pots too. The hanging pot isn't in store yet, but look out for it later in the year. All very Scandi but then it is from

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