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Time for Craft

Winter is the time when I think about crafts. I can't get out into the garden, so apart from improving the house there is time to do a bit of crafting - after all it's good for soul. This one is a throw back to last Spring when I was invited to a flower pressing event.

First gather your flowers or foliage and buy yourself a flower press for the best results. Amazon have a good choice. Although when I was a child we used to press them between the pages of a book. Encyclopaedias were good for this cos they were heavy. Note to youngsters - encyclopaedias were the old internet, you looked things up in them.

Choose your finished item, I chose a glass hanging frame, but other people decorated clear phone covers - see below (so now), the juxtaposition of age-old and modernity.

Position your flowers where you want them on the frame or whatever it is you want to decorate to get your perfect composition before sticking them.

Then with a dab of pva glue place them. Only use a tiny amount so as not to damage the leaves or flowers.

And there we are - finished! It will fade but I quite like that antique look.

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