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Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you, like me, spent all last weekend decorating the house, falling into a heap on Sunday night, knackered and covered in glitter, then you probably don't need to look at these, but if you are still in the throes of putting your look together, check out some of these ideas from some of the big brands and those clever interior stylists who put the looks together

We all want a Nordic Christmas don't we? Snow, reindeer, blonde hair, blue eyes, (sorry, got carried away), Hygge, and I must admit I never get tired of red and white, particularly red and white stripes. Simple furniture - the black chairs look really cool, a lantern or two and a massive pine branch hanging from the ceiling with baubles hanging from it. Love it.

I think this looks great. Really simple - just a garland along a mantelpiece with bits of glittery twigs tucked in, but the piece de resistance are the birch poles which are reflected in the mirror. If I could do this in my house, I would, but it might be easier to either put up removable wallpaper or a mural. do both.

A very stylish dining table also from Classic French style furniture with a lovely shaped chandelier above. A huge centrepiece looks amazing but is very simple to make. A big platter (before you put the turkey on it) with a massive candle in the middle, surrounded by greenery and fire cones. Fresh foliage always gives everything a lift. A hanging decoration on the chair looks lovely too, and you may notice that same garland as before is hanging across the window.

Another nice hanging idea, fresh ivy bent into circles and hung above the table, always use the stylist's trick of using odd numbers, it looks so much nicer. Florists always use odd numbers for blooms too. sainsbury'

Another rustic look but a bit more home-grown, with tartan tableware, red candles and fir cones on a sturdy wooden table. The small wooden tree looks great on the table too. Hang a pretty branch over the table and then hang fun decorations from it, the kids will love it. A fur throw on the bench adds the finishing touch. This one is fake but if you are going for the Scandi look, use a real one, reindeer if poss, or sheepskin if not.

This look was at the show. I really like the logs with glitter painted on the bottom, but make sure they are all the same size as they are here. I have seen small logs covered all over in glitter too which looks really nice. Then pile up the mantelpiece with lovely things in the same colour palette and add snowflake lights along the edge.

And here is one for the kids. Those painted colourful trees on the wall are a brilliant idea, esp with the glitter pom pom tops. Fill a twig tree with pink and mint coloured pom poms and baubles, then add your unicorn - obvs.

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