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We've had an amazing summer but it can't go on forever, so now is the time to look at keeping ourselves warm through the colder months, and what better way to do it than with a fabulous fire. Not only does it keep you warm, it creates a focal point in a room and a cosy atmosphere that speaks to our deepest feelings of comfort and safety. Here's a few you might like.

A traditional fire is hard to beat and looks spot on in a traditional setting. The dark plum shades add to the cosy feel with the drama of a bold striped carpet to liven things up.

Boston Stripe carpet in Lavender, £10.99 sq.m. Carpetright

But, there is a growing trend for contemporary fires and you don't get much more contemporary than this. What a fantastic idea - a room divider with a fire enclosed inside so you can see it from both sides. This one uses gas so there is no need for a chimney. Bellfires Vertical Bell Medium Tunnel from Chesneys

I just love this cute little stove in deep pink. Such a statement to make in a room, and perfect against a strong coloured wall. What's not to like? Farringdon Ecodesign Ready Stove in Spice, Arada

A stove in a kitchen? Why not? Especially when its as stunning as this one. A modern wood burning design from stove supremos, Morso, comes with a log store too.

Another contemporary fireplace that makes a real statement in a room. It uses bioethanol fuel, so its clean and there is no need for a chimney. Check out the 70's furniture. Ethanol fire with fireplace tiles from Paloform

A country look with a dark stove in a brick fireplace looks the epitome of cosy. Snuggle up. Hamlet Solution 5 widescreen Multifuel Stove, Arada

A gas fire set low into the wall is at the perfect level for the eye, so its truly relaxing, and it can be seen from both sides. I wonder where they got those cow hide chairs from?

Bellfires Horizon, Chesneys.

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